5 Fandom Friday: Crossover That Would Make My Heart Explode (Out of Nervousness)


I’ll be honest, crossovers make me super nervous. While it can be really cool to imagine and create crossover stories in fanfiction, I get really nervous about making crossovers canonical. If you’re reading a crossover fanfic, you can suspend your disbelief quite a bit–after all, it’s fan fiction and nothing more. However, I feel like our critical lense as fans gets a bit more intense when some crazy, world-altering stuff like crossover stories happens in an official sense. For a crossover to happen successfully, it has to be perfect. The interaction of characters can’t feel forced, and their connection has to make logical sense–like Flash/Arrow crossover events. It makes perfect sense for those two worlds to come together, and their interactions seem totally natural. They’re also always a TON of fun.

flash and arrow

So I’m this week I’m taking a bit of a different road for our Fandom 5 prompt. I’m going to talk about those crossovers that I’d love to see, but these are also the crossovers that would make me CRAZY nervous because they would have to be nothing short of flawless.


By now, you’ve all probably seen this Youtube WhoLock video:

While the faces get a bit wonky at times, the video does a great job at capturing the moods you’d expect of Sherlock and the Doctor, should they ever meet–and it’s pretty fantastic. Canonically speaking, since Mark Gatiss and Stephen Moffatt are both so heavily involved in both shows, a crossover should probably be great. So why am I so hesitant to be fully on board seeing WhoLock become canon? Because while you can totally explain why Sherlock would become interested in the Doctor–after all, spotting Time Lords IRL is something most Whovians try.


Still, Sherlock is a man of science, logic, and reason. He’s severe, he’s serious, and he’s in no mood for “wibbly, wobbly, timey-wimey” antics. I just don’t see how that kind of a man could have an interesting–or fun to watch–adventure with the Doctor. Of course, now with Twelve helming the TARDIS, they may get a long better, but still, the heart of Doctor Who is fun, alien adventures, while Sherlock is based on logical, deductive reasoning from a high-functioning sociopath. Sure, the two worlds could meet, but it would be so easy to make their meeting a canonical disaster rather than a fun crossover episode.


If WhoLock worries, me, SuperWhoLock scares the ever-loving daylights out of me. Seeing three of my favorite shows work together? Awesome. But if there would be obviously conflicts in tone between Sherlock and Doctor Who, think about the huge conflicts between those two worlds and the craziness of the Supernatural universe. As with any good crossover, there are TONS of fanfics, gifsets, and videos online suggesting possible storylines. This one is one of my favorites, using the “crack in the wall” from Amy Pond’s room to suggesting why the three worlds are colliding.

I really love this trailer, but of course they’re using pre-existing footage. Still, it does show how you can intertwine the shows. I just feel like there is SO much room for error, that I’d spend the entire episode being nervous. Of course, I felt the same way about the Supernatural musical, and it turned out being amazing. So you never know, I guess.


This one has a few more legs to stand on, I think–mainly because both shows delve into the supernatural.

mulder demon fetal harvets

…and they both have dealt with this troublemaker.

mark sheppard
crowley whine

Of course, with any crossover there are concerns, but the biggest here would be bringing back an older, well-loved TV show. I’m nervous enough about the X-Files revival, having them crossover with Supernatural–however awesome it may be–would make me even more nervous.

Supernatural/American Horror Story

sam in the pit AHS Coven

This is another no-brainer, especially since they’ve both dabbled in demon deals (except for that awkward moment when Jessica Lange’s character turned out to not have a soul to deal with), and they even featured a brand of hunter on American Horror Story: Coven. Even better, with the nature of American Horror Story, the Winchesters could easily make a brief, one-episode appearance on the show for a crossover episode and leave. AHS already does stuff like this, bringing on characters briefly and taking them away (like the was she/wasn’t she Anne Frank in AHS: Asylum). The only thing is that AHS is so very dark and twisted. Even though Supernatural can be a gutting show, they really don’t dive too deep into the utter awful depravity that AHS does. So while both shows play with supernatural stuff, I’m not sure I’d like the blending of those two.

The Walking Dead/ Left 4 Dead

This one is kind of goofy, but I would love if the survivors on Left 4 Dead 3 (a game which will probably never happen, but whatevs) were Walking Dead characters…or even if Left 4 Dead zombies showed up on The Walking Dead. I mean, Daryl’s tough…

The Walking Dead Daryl

…but could he handle THIS:

L4D Witch Mod

Of course, as cool as it would be to watch the gang deal with witches, boomers, jockeys, hunters, and the like on Walking Dead, I can’t help but think it would be a bit goofy to watch the gang deal with highly evolved, super-zombies like a tank after several seasons of dealing with walkers that only vary in their gross-out level, not their special skills. But still you can’t deny this is kind of great…

What are some crossovers you’d like to see? What crossovers would you definitely NOT like to see happen? Let me know in the comments! Be sure to check out my other Fandom 5 posts, and follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today!

25 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Crossover That Would Make My Heart Explode (Out of Nervousness)

  1. I thought about tweaking the prompt to “Crossovers that would make my HEAD explode” in pretty much the same way….and Wholock topped my list! (Ended up just skipping this week.). As much as I love both the Doctor and Sherlock, their worlds are just not compatible–Sherlock wouldn’t be capable of suspending reality in the face of time travel, and I feel like he’d need to spend the entire episode making sense of the Doctor, the TARDIS, time travel, and everything they encounter in the meantime. I feel like that about most of the crossovers I consider, but I’m not sure I could have talked about my hesitation as positively as you did, so I opted not to rain on anyone’s parade this week. 😛 Thanks for writing this–I’m glad I’m not the only one who panics a little at the suggestion of crossovers, and you voiced why better than I could! 🙂

  2. I’ve been re-watching the X-Files a lot recently and it makes me giggle how many similarities it has to SPN, there’s an obvious pattern between shows that I love! In my head these crossovers all sound amazing and I’d love them to happen but I totally get the nervousness and a big part of me would rather just keep them in fan fiction xoxo

  3. I so agree that I don’t think WhoLock would be fun to watch. I think Sherlock would be driven insane if he had to deal with the Doctor all day. My vote was for SuperWho – I think the Winchester boys + the Doctor could mean some really fun banter!
    I’m with you though, that I don’t actually want to see crossovers in real life. I can’t imagine them ever being done where it doesn’t feel forced and cringeworthy!

    1. SuperWho would be a ton of fun, but yep, it’d be soooo easy for them to feel forced and cringeworthy that it’s too scary for me! 🙂 BUT I love finding awesome fan-made stuff that does mashups. All the fun without the high stakes!

  4. OMG! I didn’t realize Crowley had been in X-Files! And he’s such a baby! I need to start watching that again. I almost did my post as which shows do I want Sam and Dean Winchester to show up on because I think they would be fun on a bunch of different shows. I hadn’t seen that Superwholock video either.

    Crossovers are generally a nightmare if they aren’t two properties that are already associated, but it’s always fun to dream of the absolute best case scenario where our favorite unrelated characters can meet on screen. All these are awesome suggestions!

    1. Omg, that is adorable! Love it! Cas totally would think bow ties are cool. Ha! 🙂

      I love finding fan-made stuff like that. It’s when it becomes canon that I get the nervous sweats.

      1. xDDDDD That’s why he is a demon :p And the King LOL xDDDDD I remember Crowley from BSG :p He was a badass lawyer 😉 helping the mad Gaius Baltar 😀

  5. I totally agree that WhoLock is just not a reasonable idea…no one within those worlds would be able to handle them colliding. But I’d totally be in if they tried to bring the Winchesters onto American Horror Story. The moods of the show are not consistent, but it would be hilarious to watch the not-so-serious hunters trying to get a laugh out of the scary AHS baddies.

  6. The Supernatural/X-Files crossover kind of makes sense since the first season of SPN had a TON of X-Files writers, producers and crew. Hasn’t Kripke basically said they’re meant to be part of the same universe? Or is that just my wishful thinking.

  7. definitely agree that crossovers make me nervous. There are the good: Arrow/The Flash, and then there are the bad: Sleepy Hollow/Bones (which, of course, has yet to happen, but the idea makes me cringe in the worst of ways). I think it’s fun to play with videos and stuff, but a really good crossover is so rare!

  8. Oh man, nice take on this week’s 5FF! I love the idea of some of these, but by god you’re right, they would scare the crap out of me. I actually hadn’t even thought about Supernatural/X-Files …

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