The Mary Sue Post: Fear the Walking Dead Pilot Review

Well, it’s a new season of walkers, so I’m back at it at The Mary Sue, recapping! While we still have to wait until October 11 to catch up with Rick and the gang at Alexandria, we got our first introduction to our new group of survivors–or whatever we’re calling them–last night in Fear the Walking Dead‘s pilot episode.

I’ll be honest, I was kinda underwhelmed, but I do see a boatload of potential simmering just under the surface. I’m hoping they kick up the walker action in the coming episodes, and play with humanity’s evolution when society begins to break down–those tough moral dilemmas TWD has forced us to ponder that make the Walking Dead franchise more than just a zombie show.

Here’s an excerpt from my spoiler-filled review:


We finally got our first look into the world of AMC’s hotly anticipated spin-off of The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead. A spin-off of such a successful, unique television show is a daring adventure, and the expectations from the TWD fandom was HUGE. So did the show actually live up to expectations? Do we have another classic in the walker-run universe of Robert Kirkman?
Well, maybe.

Before we jump in, read ahead at your own risk if you haven’t watched the pilot of Fear the Walking Dead yet. There WILL be spoilers ahead!

The big difference between The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead is that while we were immediately thrust into the walker-run world in Walking Dead, and the show went from 0-100 straight out the gate, Fear the Walking Dead is a much slower burn. In FTWD, we’re teetering right on the precipice of the zombie outbreak—which means that the storyline is very … normal.

In the pilot, we meet Maddie and her family—a perfect daughter, addict son, Maddie’s loving and supportive partner. The meat of the episode is dealing with her son, Nick’s, severe heroin addiction. Nick sees a walker in the first three minutes of the episode, but isn’t sure if he actually saw a girl chowing down on the insides of another human, or if the drugs he took were laced with something funny…

Head over to The Mary Sue to read the whole recap, and let me know what you thought about Fear the Walking Dead in the comments! 

2 thoughts on “The Mary Sue Post: Fear the Walking Dead Pilot Review

  1. It was a much slower pace premiere episode as opposed to The Walking Dead one, but I could understand why. Lots of new characters to get to know, and plus it starts before the outbreak-so the zombie count was few. I do look forward to seeing where they take the show, though. I also thought that the addict kid looked like a younger Johnny Depp lol

    1. OH MY WORD, YES! He totally does. Yeah, I definitely get why they employed the slower pace, and everyone is reminding those of us a bit underwhelmed that this show has been marketed as a slow burn. I’m all for it, I just wish it burned a bit more quickly! 🙂

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