The Mary Sue Post: Fear the Walking Dead Episode II Recap

So my recapping at The Mary Sue is in full swing. While I’m stoked to be back at TMS, I have to say that my reaction to AMC’s new zombie show, Fear the Walking Dead is…not as thrilled. I mean, this week’s episode was better, no doubt, but still, after watching the second episode of the show, I’m just not as excited about the show as I hope I’d be. The show’s not bad, but it also isn’t great. I rate it as One Sammy Shrug.

sam shrug

Still, the show has zombies in it and is a brainchild of Robert Kirkman. That alone is gonna make this one really hard for me to quit. There is so much potential here, and I feel like they’re so close to making the show truly awesome. So for better or for worse, I’m hopelessly devoted to Fear the Walking Dead. 

hopelessly devoted

So wait with me, friends, for that shiny moment that FTWD finally lives up to the amazing standards set by TWD–whether it really comes or not. Until that moment, join me over at The Mary Sue to talk about what went down on the second episode of Fear the Walking Dead.

Fear the Walking Dead is off and running. If you aren’t caught up on the show, read on at your own risk—spoilers ahead!

Last week’s episode kicked off AMC’s newest zombie drama with a bit of a rocky start. The show was filled with tons of kinetic zombie energy, but none of it ever actually bubbled to the surface. We started and ended the show with some dramatic zombie action, but the rest of it was a lot of family drama. There’s nothing wrong with a show all about family drama, but we need to see some undead action here! I was really hopeful that the second episode of the show would kick things up a notch, and we’d see that same Kirkman magic that we’ve all come to love from The Walking Dead.

And … it sort of happened.

After last week’s episode where Maddie, Travis, and Nick witnessed and interacted with their first walker (second walker for Nick, of course), they were understandably shaken. They respond by rushing home to move the family out to the desert to “ride out” whatever the hell is happening in L.A…

Read the rest of my recap over at The Mary Sue, and let me know what you thought of Fear the Walking Dead so far in the comments! 

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