Superfit Hero Leggings: Basically the Best Things Ever

I love, love, love ballet. The only rough part about ballet is that sometimes the costumes and practice gear can be a bit nuts. If you remember my infamous unitard from my Batman pointe dance:

Batman and Ballet

batman ballet

Finding some reliable, comfy, AND flattering ballet gear can be pretty challenging–especially when you’re a curvier girl like myself. As awesome as a black and blue unitard is…it doesn’t really flatter the figure. But then, I heard about Superfit Hero Leggings.

superfit hero

Workout gear made for women of all sizes, with a touch of superhero? Um, yes please. These leggings are the best things I have ever worn: seriously. These leggings are not only completely adorable, but they are also super flattering to your figure. Even better, the material is SO SOFT, but it is super durable. Ever worn a pair of leggings or yoga pants and realized your leggings kinda become a bit see-through on the butt when you bend over? SUPER awkward, right? These leggings definitely don’t do that. Plus, the waistband can be either worn high to eliminate muffin top, or you can fold it down for the hip-hugger look. Either way, it works, looks, and fits amazingly. These leggings kept up with me for my entire ballet class, and I felt covered and supported the entire time (it’s made with supplex fabric, which essentially means they are magical and wonderful).

photo 5

I really loved the design of the yoga pants. The logo on the front of the pants totally made me feel like a yoga pants-wearing, pointe-doing superhero. Whether you’re working out, dancing, or just chilling in your living room, Superfit Hero‘s leggings are basically the best things to wear, and I’d be totally cool with only wearing Superfit Hero leggings for the rest of my days. Want a pair for yourself? You can pre-order yourself a pair now! Go do it now–you totally won’t regret it.

What is your favorite workout/sitting around gear? Let me know in the comments! 

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