Everyday Cosplay: Padme Amidala

Say what you will about episodes I-III of Star Wars, you cannot deny that Padme had some serious style. With Force Friday just barely behind us (don’t get me started on the ginormous bummer that was the Cover Girl #BeautyForce fail), I thought it timely to do an everyday cosplay look to pay tribute to a character that gets a pretty bad rap in the Star Wars fandom–a more light and summery look, and a darker look for fall.

Everyday Padme Amidala

Do you like Padme? What do you think about episodes I-III of Star Wars? What character in the Star Wars ‘verse has your favorite style? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Everyday Cosplay: Padme Amidala

  1. Oo, I like the black outfit! I would definitely wear that. Except maybe the heels–I’d fall over if I wore those. 🙂

    I actually adore Padme. Independent of Anakin, she’s such an interesting character. I so wish she’d gotten a better ending in the Episode III.

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