5 Fandom Friday: Broadway Roles I’d Love to Play


I have loved acting ever since I was a little kid, and I’ve been acting and doing theatre since middle school. Fun fact: while in middle school, I wrote a monologue and used it to go to Sea World and audition for a slot on the show Destination Stardom. I didn’t get on the show, and the show itself didn’t last long. The only person of note that came from that show was JoJo, if you remember her…


All that to say that acting is one of my secret loves. I don’t think I have the guts to move out to LA or New York to try to make it as an actor, but that dream always dances around in the back of my brain. Because of that, I was super excited about this week’s Fandom 5 prompt: Broadway roles I’d love to play. I love Broadway. When I’m alone in my car on long road trips, I crank up my Broadway playlist and belt out showtunes the entire way there–and I really get into it, y’all. Seriously, it’s a good thing that the route to my bestie’s (who lives an hour away from me) is mostly backroads. I get wayyyy too into singing showtunes for normal traffic. So, of course a chick who regularly gets her Bernadette Peters on in the car has thought extensively about her dream Broadway roles. While I’ve got a pretty extensive list of roles I’d love for my fictitious Broadway career, here are my top 5:

Roxie Hart (Chicago

roxie hart

I absolutely love the role of Roxie, and would LOVE to get to play her. I love her songs, and the fact that you root for Roxie even though she’s kind of an awful human is so fascinating to me. In high school, I was in a play called The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, and to be a goof, I put in my bio that I played Roxie–in the actual film–just to see if anyone noticed.

Kendall High School

People did notice, and I got a lot of people asking why I never told anyone I was in Chicago

Witch (Into the Woods

the witch into the woods

Stepping into a role played by Bernadette Peters AND Meryl Streep is a tall order, but I just love the role of the Witch in Into the Woods. She’s sarcastic, she’s funny, she’s got a lot of heart, and she sings some beautiful songs. I love this role so much, and I’d love to play her someday.

Maureen Johnson (RENT)

maureen johnson

I just love Maureen in RENT. She’s a complete spitfire, and she’s got some zany aspirations for her singing/spoken word/performance art/whatever the hell her cow story is. For all of her quirks, Maureen loves hard, and she’s fiercely loyal. I think she’d be a ton of fun to play. Besides, I love singing her part in “Take Me or Leave Me”.

Glinda (Wicked)


While I’d love to play Elphaba, too, I just can’t help but love Glinda’s character in Wicked. She’s not as serious as Elphaba, and her journey from vapid attention-seeker to loyal friend, confidante, and the face of hope for the Emerald City is awesome. Plus, you get to descend onto the stage in a bubble. What more could a girl want, amirite?

Lina Lamont (Singin’ in the Rain)

lina lamont

All of those other roles are amazing, but it’s my absolute DREAM to get to play Lina Lamont one day. While I’m kinda cheating here because I fell in love with the character from the movie, Singin’ in the Rain is also a Broadway musical so it totally counts. Lina is a hysterical character. She’s mean, vapid, self-centered, and cruel–but totally hilarious to watch onscreen. If you haven’t seen this musical–go watch it now if you haven’t–the story centers on the awkward transition in cinema from silent films to “talkies”. There are several hurdles the characters must overcome, but one big one is the fact that Hollywood’s favorite leading lady, Lina, has a squeaky, ridiculous voice.

Crazy for You

I have wanted to play this chick for as long as I can remember. The closest I’ve come was in high school when I was in a musical called Crazy for You!. My character, Patsy, was supposed to be a silly, kinda dumb but sweet dancer from New York. So I obviously drew some of my character inspiration from Lina–mainly by giving Patsy a voice similar to Lina’s. IIt was so much fun.

Side note: This is literally the only picture I have of myself from that show. Why do I look so bored and unfocused? Well, if you saw the larger picture, you’d notice everyone is distracted, as it’s been snapped between organized group photos. I don’t know who took this (or why I have it), but it’s a mega-fail.

What roles would you love to play on Broadway? Not a fan of plays and musicals? What movie or TV roles would you love to try? Let me know in the comments! And, as always, check out my other Fandom 5 posts, and follow the #Fandom5 hashtag to see what everyone else is talking about today!

20 thoughts on “5 Fandom Friday: Broadway Roles I’d Love to Play

  1. Oh my goodness. I haven’t thought about Jojo in years lol! You picked such great roles! I love Maureen and so much yes to both witches!

  2. Yes!! Lina Lamont is the best!! I love her squeaky voice too! I went to a musicals themed fancy dress as her and spoke like that all night!! I loved it!! All your other picks are great!! Loved this week!!

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