The Mary Sue Post: Fear the Walking Dead Ep. 3 Recap

You guys, can we talk about Fear the Walking Dead? I soooo want to love this show, but these characters are really making it tough for me to latch on to this story–and this is coming from a girl who loves nearly every zombie thing she interacts with.


I want the characters’ actions to make sense, and they just don’t. For example:

  • Travis: Let’s escape to the desert to ride out this chaos in town. We probably won’t need more than an overnight bag and certainly no food. They’ve got McDonalds in the desert, right?
  • Madison: We probably shouldn’t loop our daughter in on what’s happening–especially because it’s not only happening in the world around her, but also probably directly effecting her boyfriend. I’m sure she’ll just let it go when she sees our neighbor attacked by a walker. Now then, why don’t we play some Monopoly? Nothing says apocalypse like a game that destroys families and relationships, right?
  • Alicia: Man, I wish my parents would let me know what’s going on and why everyone’s so stressed out. Did our neighbor just get attacked? Meh. I’m sure it’s fine.Oh, hey, Monopoly!
  • Nick: I encountered exactly one walker, and I happen to now be an expert in all things zombie. After all, it’s a well-known fact that all hardcore drug addicts are very lucid and knowledgeable about world-ending, reality-distorting, catastrophic events–especially in the heat of a detox. Score! Mom got out the Monopoly board!
  • Travis: Oh, look. It’s my neighbor. He’s eating a dog, and looks just like those other zombie-like creatures I’ve interacted with before. I wonder if he’s up for a quick chat. Oh, and hey, please no one teach my son how to use a gun. I realize society is crumbling around us and there are literally flesh-eating monsters about, but I don’t think that’s a reason to go teaching my kid about guns and stuff. We’re more of a melee weapon-wielding family anyway. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to put our trash on the curb. Trash day is Wednesdays, even in the apocalypse…

SERIOUSLY. These characters are driving me NUTS. I really, really want to see the slow dissolution of humanity and society as we know it, but I want to believe the journey they have me on. Right now, I feel like I’m following a family of idiots who make crazy choices that make zero sense to me. But, I’d love to hear what you think. Here’s an excerpt from my recap over at The Mary Sue:

It would seem the pace has finally, finally started to pick up on Fear the Walking Dead. After an episode of heavy family drama and light walker action, and another with disjointed action and ambiguous plans to escape to “the desert”, things have finally started to get real. Travis, his son, his ex and the rest of Team Barbershop are still waiting out the riots in while Madison and her kids are chilling at their house in the ‘burbs as they wait for Travis to return.

Hours have passed since Madison and Travis parted, and Madison and the kids are starting to worry—especially since they watched their neighbor get attacked by a walker. Despite the hours Travis has been away from his family, despite the next-door-walker, and despite the fact that Alicia’s boyfriend is at his house actively becoming a walker, Madison still refuses to let Alicia know what’s going on. Instead, Madison tries to distract her kids with Monopoly (a game known around my home as “The Friendship Ender”).

There were several unbelievable moments in this episode, but this was one probably the dumbest. I had a real hard time believing that Madison—a woman who had just witnessed a couple of actual zombies, a woman who is now scared to death that she’s lost her husband, a woman who is trying to help her son successfully detox in the midst of the literal apocalypse—would be up for playing a jolly game of Monopoly. ..

Read the entire thing at The Mary Sue, and let me know your thoughts about the episode and the show in general in the comments! 

4 thoughts on “The Mary Sue Post: Fear the Walking Dead Ep. 3 Recap

  1. I think it was my least favorite episode so far, and I hate to say that because I really had high hopes for this show. This episode was all over the place and the characters’ actions made zero sense. The kids annoyed me. Travis really annoyed me. The Monopoly thing had me scratching my head. And everything just felt so setup. Like when the army guys came out from no where. I was like WTF?!? lol Oh well. One more month till the REAL show is on.

  2. I feel the same way about the characters! I am keeping up my enthusiasm about the show because there have been moments I loved…but then you have people doing the kind of stupid stuff that happens in bad horror movies and you just want to throw something at the screen.

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