5 Things I Want In Season 11 of Supernatural

Supernatural is coming back into our lives TONIGHT, and I simply cannot wait. However, the last couple of seasons have presented us with a very unique set of challenges…

Before I continue, let me just say that there will be some spoilers ahead. So if you’re not fully caught up on Supernatural, read past the title card gif at your own risk.

SPN title

…it’s been a while since Sam and Dean’s relationship was the lovable bromance that we all know so well. After Sam nearly died from completing The Trials, and spent a good chunk of the season possessed by Gadreel PLUS Dean’s transformation after getting The Mark and, you know, dying, our boys haven’t been our boys in some time.

Judging from the new season’s trailer, it looks like this season is gonna be crazy, and after seeing the first look at tonight’s premiere, it seems like the season is gonna start off at a crazy pace IMMEDIATELY–which I’m all for. While I have some big questions that I hope get answered in the premiere–like what The Darkness is, for one–there are some other things I’d really love to see this season. Here are my top 5 in my Season 11 wishlist:

More Of Claire Novak, Sheriff Donna, and Sheriff Jody

mini golf

Really, I just want a spin-off about Sheriff Jody, Sheriff Donna, Claire Novak, Krissy Chambers, and Jody’s new, adopted daughter. However, until that dream becomes a relity, I hope we get to see more of these awesome women this season. Claire especially. Her relationship with Dean is one of my faves, and now that Charlie is dead, Dean has an opening for another little sister–not that anyone can replace Charlie, but his relationship with Claire does remind me a bit of his relationship with Charlie. Oh hey, since I’ve mentioned Charlie, might I also say:

Bring Back Our Faves!!!

I’m looking at you, Kevin Tran,  Charlie Bradbury, Gabriel, Bobby Singer, Jo Harvelle, Meg, Ash, and maybe even a check-in from good ol’ John Winchester. While I’d be happy to just see Kevin, Charlie, and Gabe again, I’d love it if we’d see more of our dearly departed faves. Especially now that Death is, awkwardly, dead, I feel like it’s more of a possibility than ever. Plus, we know Osric Chau is on board…

…so I feel like this should be greenlit like, yesterday. And hey, speaking of John Winchester…

Can We Get An Update on Where the Hell John Winchester Is?


We know that, after the gate to hell was opened, John escaped, protected his boys, and then he sort of…vanished. We also know that he’s noticeably absent from heaven, and Dean didn’t run into him in Purgatory either. So where is John, exactly? Obviously, it’d be awesome to get Jeffrey Dean Morgan (though I do love Matt Cohen’s John Winchester) back on the show, but ever since he died in the Supernatural-verse and finished haunting Izzie on Grey’s Anatomy, his career has kind of taken off. So a big problem of bringing Old John back onto the show is Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s schedule. BUT even if they can’t get the actor back, I’d love to hear a word or two about John’s whereabouts. And maybe something about Adam’s fate too, while we’re at it.

More Ghostfacers!


The last time we saw our favorite ghost hunters, their relationship was ruined in season 9 thanks to Ed’s invention of the monster Thinman–it was also the least subtle parallel to Sam and Dean’s relationship which was fracturing thanks to Dean’s lies to Sam about Gadreel. I love, love, LOVE the Ghostfacers, and it makes me so sad to think that we’ll not only never see Harry and Ed again, but that we’ll never actually know if the two make up. So I would LOVE to see an episode with those two again. They are hysterical alongside Sam and Dean, and I just really want the Ghostfacers to get back together again–even if it’s only to be buddies, not ghost hunters.

The Boy Are Friends Again

dean and sammy

I’m really over Sam and Dean not being friends anymore. After the giant rift between the two of them because of the whole Gadreel thing, then Dean slowly descending into what would become Demon!Dean (I still hate the name “Deanmon“), the even worst post-Demon!Dean Dean, and Dean blaming Sam for Charlie’s death, it’s been a LONG time since Sam and Dean were pranking each other in diners. I really miss that, and I hope we get more of their friendship this season. I’ve heard through the grapevine that this should happen, and I so hope it’s true.

6 thoughts on “5 Things I Want In Season 11 of Supernatural

  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes!! There needs to be a Donna / Jody spin-off, I miss Charlie and Kevin so much, and I want the Sam / Dean bromance back 😦 I really hope season 11 delivers.

  2. While I’m not caught up, I do know a lot of spoilers so I didn’t mind browsing this post. I too hate the name Deanmon…I always read it Dean MOM and picture Dean as a soccer mom lol. Kinda ruins the seriousness. I’m excited to watch Season 10 now that it’s on Netflix though I am dreading Charlie’s death ep. I’m gonna cry like a loon….

  3. Happy I found your blog. My wife and I watch Arrow…Flash…and have seen every episode of Supernatural at least three or four times. Watched it from the beginning. I look forward to new posts and at some point promised myself to do a post to honor the fans of Supernatural and the longevity and quality of the show. We’re up for more Ghostfacers appearances and I especially want to see another Supernatural convention episode!

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