Everyday Cosplay: Michonne

Sunday marked the intense return of The Walking Dead, and I couldn’t be happier to have that show back in my life. So, of course I had to create an outfit to pay tribute to one of my favorite characters from The Walking Dead, the one and only Michonne.


Michonne is crazy talented at killing walkers with her katana, she’s fearless, she’s a fighter, but she’s also loving and funny.

michonne cat

Really, if I could bring even a small portion of Michonne into my everyday life, I feel like I’d be doing a great job. So, to do just that, please enjoy this Michonne-inspired outfit. You’ll have to bring your own katana, though.

Everyday Michonne


4 thoughts on “Everyday Cosplay: Michonne

  1. Oh my gosh I love this! I’m excited to see what happens in season 6 but every time I see something on your blog about the walking dead I hesitate since I’m watching on Netflix and that is only to season 5.

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