Everyday Cosplay: Katana Girl

When I found out they were making a new Heroes miniseries, Heroes: Reborn, I was a bit concerned. Heroes was, as they say, great when it was great, and it sucked when it sucked–and the last two seasons suuuuccckkked. Still, I was really hopeful that since the show had given us and them a bit of space between Samuel and his freaking carnival to remember the good times of Heroes, that this new show would be able to recapture the magic from the early days of Heroes. Then I found out two key components (for me, anyway) would be missing:


Sure, Zachary Quinto’s all, “I’m Spock now, I can’t just be Sylar again,” and Milo Ventimiglia is probably not excited to bring Peter Petrelli back in fear of having to deal with more carnivals and stolen X-Men storylines, but come on… Peter Petrelli and Sylar were, hands down, two of my favorite characters from Heroes, and I just didn’t see how I could enjoy a Heroes story without them. So I decided I’d re-watch all of Heroes on Netflix, and then watch a few episodes of Reborn to see what I thought. My re-watch went a bit more slowly than I anticipated, because once I got to what I call “the age of Spider-Suresh”, my pacing screeched to a halt. Happily, I made it through the rest of the series, and was only about three weeks behind on Reborn. Even better? I found myself loving the show. I don’t know if I’d go on record saying I love it as much as early Heroes, but I love it LOADS more than I ever loved the show in the carnival-era. Though I certainly do miss characters like Claire, Ando, Peter, and Sylar (though I’m crossing my fingers that some will make a return should the show do really well and get picked up full-time, Agent Carter-style), I am really enjoying getting to know the new characters. One such character is named Miko, aka Katana Girl. Her power most closely resembles Micah, but instead of talking to machines, Miko can actually travel into a video game. At this point in the show it’s unclear what Miko’s exact powers actually are (it seems that Hiro Nakamura’s katana is key, though), and if she can enter any video game or just the game Evernow. Regardless, she’s a pretty fun character, and I’m so excited to get to know more about her.

I also really love her style. It’s incredibly unique, and all about pink, which I love. The second I saw her I knew I had to do an everyday cosplay look for her, so here it is:
Everyday Cosplay: Katana Girl


Are you watching Heroes: Reborn? What do you think of the show so far? Who are your favorite new characters? Let me know what you think in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Everyday Cosplay: Katana Girl

  1. I haven’t checked out Heroes Reborn yet, but I’m definitely intrigued. Although knowing Hiro is back was probably enough for me anyways.

    1. Yep. Even though ALL my faves didn’t return, enough of them came back to make me instantly interested. 🙂 And so far it’s pretty fun. Plus, Zachary Levi’s there, which is always a good thing.

  2. I’m in the middle of re-watching Heroes and currently watching Heroes Reborn, but so far I’m really enjoying the new series, especially Katana Girl. I’m hoping Hiro might show up at some point too. : D

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