You’ve Got Till the End of the Day, Science: Back to the Future II Inventions We Still Need

It’s Back to the Future Day! Yes, today is the day that Marty McFly, his girlfriend, and Doc officially arrive in the future/our present. In the 2015 we saw in Back to the Future II, we saw a future that was pretty fantastic. While there are some inventions that Marty got to experience that have actually become a reality–holograms, botox, tablets, and video conferencing, there are still some pretty important inventions that this apocalyptic wasteland of a 2015 is lacking. So, science, you’d better get your stuff together. You’ve got until the end of the day to give us these amazing technological advancements:

Amazing Fashion

I mean look at this:

I see you, tiny Elijah Wood.

Do we get to wear hats that looks suspiciously like green sieves or hats that are nothing but bits of clear, yellow plastic that actually doesn’t protect your head, hair, or eyes? The answer is no, and it’s completely unacceptable. Take a peek at this:

BTTF II Bad Guys

Can you imagine walking down a dark alley and seeing these guys? Bad news, amirite? Sadly, today’s wayward youth, bad guys, gangs, and other generic degenerates don’t wear silver pot-hats (seriously, what was with the 2015 of BTTF II and cookwear-style hats???) and they don’t draw random silver squares on their skin. The fact that we don’t get to dress like this is nothing short of disappointing.

Pizza Tablets

Pizza Tablet

Though we’re getting a lot closer to this with food dehydrators and 3D printers, we’re still a long way away from having tiny pizza tablets in a supermarket near you. Sure, we’re getting closer, but we’re not quite there yet. I mean, we’ve got hologram concerts, we’ve got smart phones, we can pay with stuff from our cell phones, and the fact that we can’t buy a tiny dehydrated pizza that we can zap for 5 seconds and get some tasty, cheesy goodness is a huge bummer. I need a pizza tablet, you guys.

Hoverboards–Like, Real Ones


We’ve got very early models of hover boards around, which is great. But not only are our hover boards CRAZY expensive keeping most normal people from owning their own, but they only barely hover. Definitely not the crazy rad, neon-colored boards of BTTF II.

Clothes and Shoes That Auto-Adjust to the Wearer


Apparently some shoe wizards say that we could potentially have power laces soon, but we don’t have anything just yet. We also don’t have an auto-fitting jacket like Marty got to wear when he traveled to 2015. Can you imagine having clothing items that adjusted to the body of the wearer? It certainly would make the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants a bit less magical, but only having to buy a couple items of clothes ever would be totally worth it.

What are some inventions from Back to the Future II that you wish we had today? What are your Back to the Future Day plans? Let me know in the comments! And before you get too bummed out that you can’t pop a pizza tablet in your hydrator, zip around on a neon pink hover board, or wear a sieve on your head without any sideways glances, maybe this can help make your day a bit more epic: 

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