Everyday Cosplay: Harriet the Spy

One of my all-time favorite books and movies growing up was Harriet the Spy. Being a bit of a creepy kid myself, I really loved how confidently she trolled her neighborhood, spying on the people living around her. I thought it was so exciting and cool (just like her tomato and mayo sammies, which I also ate on the reg to emulate Harriet), and I definitely started up a spy route of my own. Despite the excitement behind my “spy route”, I should say that I was never as comfortable as Harriet was with divulging to her friends that she regularly creeped on her neighbors and recorded those findings she saw in her journal. Seriously, it took me until right now to realize how weird and creepy Harriet’s (and my) “spy route” was.

spy time
Nbd, just off to hone my peeping Harriet skillz…

However, when the cute boy next door caught me very obviously spying on him from a tree in my backyard (I was chilling, in a tree, in bright summer clothes, writing in a composition notebook as I stared intensely at him–I had not mastered the art of going incognito), and I was not thrust into the depths of “a good spy never gets caught” depression like my girl Harriet…

harriet the spy

…I knew the spy game wasn’t for me. Even though I cast my spying days aside, I continued to journal my thoughts in black and white composition notebooks for most of my childhood and teenage years, and I think I’ll always be weirdly fascinated with people-watching.

So to pay tribute to the inspiration to a large portion of my childhood creepiness, I decided to create an everyday cosplay look dedicated to Ms. Harriet M. Welch. Check it out:

Everyday Harriet the Spy


Were you a Harriet the Spy fan growing up? Did you have your own spy route, or am I just creepy? If Harriet wasn’t your fave, what was your favorite book as a kid? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Everyday Cosplay: Harriet the Spy

  1. OMG I can’t believe I had totally forgotten about Harriet the Spy! I had a composition notebook and fancied myself quite the spy…this is awesome 🙂

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