Happy Leap Day! Make Leap Day William Proud!

It’s Leap Day, you guys! That most magical of days that only comes once every four years where you get an entire bonus day, where the marvelous Leap Day William comes to turn the tears of crying children into candy, and where the USA Network plays Leap Dave Williams on repeat for 24 hours. So get your blue and yellow on, and let’s celebrate!

Leap Day

Perhaps you didn’t think of celebrating Leap Day until 30 Rock informed you of its magical properties, but it’s still important to make sure you take advantage of the extra 24 hours you get today. So what are some ways you can celebrate your bonus day? Well, I have a few suggestions for you:

Dress for the Day

Of course the first step to any celebration is making sure you dress for the occasion. Either make sure to wear your blue and yellow, or you can even channel Leap Day William himself with an everyday cosplay:

Everyday Leap Day William


Everyday Leap Day William by kendall-ashley featuring leather jewelry

Go on a Mini Road Trip

road trip.gif

Your options aren’t endless for one bonus day, so travelling across the globe won’t fit into 24 hours (unless you get your hands on a TARDIS or DeLorean, that is). Instead, why not find some quirky and cool oddities that are in your home state? Every state has at least one bizarre or unique tourist attraction, and today’s the day to check it out!

Binge a New Show

tv is my life

You’ve got every other regular day to catch up on “your” shows, so why not try something new this Leap Day? Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and your DVR is rife with new shows to watch, so finally take the plunge today. Just…be warned if that new show you choose to jump into is Black Mirror.

That first episode is a doozy, as is every episode after that (just fewer pigs).

Cook Something Special


Today’s the day to cook or bake that thing you’ve had saved on Pinterest for months, and every so often you look at the pin and think, “I really need to try that.” There’s no day like Leap Day.

Take a Beauty Risk

louise nails

Today is the day to finally take the plunge and get that haircut you’ve been crushing on, to try that new mani/pedi idea, take a stab at a new makeup technique you found, to get that new piercing, or to finally get that tattoo. Of course, remember that some of those things will last well beyond Leap Day, so make sure you’re ready to take the plunge for something that’s a bit more permanent.

Ultimately, the point of Leap Day is to make the day count. It’s an extra 24 hours, so don’t waste it! Whether you do something huge or just allow yourself some extra R&R, make Leap Day William proud today. And, of course, be sure to tell me your Leap Day plans in the comments! 

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