Easy and Fun Ways to Celebrate Your House Pride Day

This week is all about Hogwart’s house pride! Let’s hear it for our favorite wizarding school!


Today is Slytherin Pride Day, which is my favorite thing since I was recently re-sorted into Slytherin with Pottermore’s new and improved Sorting Hat quiz. While I did suffer a bit of an identity crisis, I feel more at home in Slytherin than I ever did in Gryffindor. Being sorted Gryffindor didn’t really make a lot of sense–apart from my desire to share a house with Hermoine. I’m a Slytherin through and through, and I’m super proud of it! This is the first year I really feel “at home” in my house, so you KNOW I’m celebrating Slytherin Pride Day!  But how do you really celebrate a day dedicated to a fictitious grouping of people from our favorite, fictitious school? So glad you asked…

Quick note: I realize the entire world is not made up of Slytherins, so even though my suggestions will lean Slytherin, you can modify them to better celebrate your house’s unique attributes. Not a Slytherin? Here are your house pride days: Hufflepuff was March 20 (so…I hope you celebrated!), Gryffindor is March 22, and Ravenclaw is March 23. 

Dress for the Day

yule ball.gif

Whether you’re wearing an everyday cosplay outfit inspired by your house, or you’re simply adding a house sweater to your outfit (like I’m doing today), dressing for the day is the key to starting off your house pride day right. If nothing else, just wear something with your house’s colors to show your house pride.

Read Up on Your House History

slytherin house

Each Hogwart’s house has a rich history behind it. You can find loads of info on the different houses on Pottermore, and once you’ve been sorted you’ll get a bunch of info about your house (and some downloadable house wallpaper for your phone and computer, because obviously). But learning about your house is a great way to really boost your house pride, especially if you’re feeling weird about where you’ve been sorted.

Host a Quidditch Match


Unless you’re already in a Quidditch league or you’ve got a TON of Potterhead friends in the immediate area, this one may take a bit more planning. Still, playing Quidditch is a great way to boost house pride, and keep the magical spirit alive. There are even official rules for the Muggles among us.

Watch Your Favorite Harry Potter Film

Jamming eight movies into one day is a tall order, especially if you’ve got work or school. Instead, just pick your fave and watch it on your house pride day. Of course, if you want to watch all of them, watch about a film a day to stretch your Potter celebrations out over the course of the week.

Live Up to Your House Traits


The best way to honor your house is to hold true to those traits it values most. For Slytherin, that’s cunning, ambition, resourcefulness, shrewdness, and being determined. For Gryffindor it’s bravery, nerve, chivalry, courage, and daring. For Hufflepuff it’s dedication, patience, kindness, tolerance, and loyalty. Ravenclaw‘s house traits are intelligence, wisdom, creativity, individuality, and acceptance

What is your favorite thing about your Hogwart’s house? How are you celebrating your house pride day? Let me know in the comments! 

One thought on “Easy and Fun Ways to Celebrate Your House Pride Day

  1. I wore my Slytherin shirt and rocked some seriously green eyeshadow for my house day 🙂

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