cropped-img_2542Kendall is a freelance editor and writer who has worked at Penguin Random House for five years as an editor, and has written for sites like Nerdist, Geek & Sundry, The Mary Sue,, and more. She’s written about anything from geek culture to religion, weddings, and even HVAC.

In her editing work, she’s partnered with authors on anything from non-fiction to romance, high fantasy, and everything in between. She’s also been on the concepting team for a line of inspirational “creative products” (journals, coloring books, etc) for a division of Penguin Random House. For these books, she helped plan the product line as well as the individual books within the line, and wrote the interior content needed for each book.

Working with words is her passion, and whether you need a writer, editor, or something in between she’d love to help you with your next project!