Feast Your Eyes on the New Doctor Who Trailer!

It's been a while since we've had a proper, season-long adventure with the Doctor. Can you believe that season 9 ended in 2015?! But happily, our wait for the new season of Doctor Who is nearly over. Season 10--also known as the first season for Pearl Mackie's companion, Bill, and Peter Capaldi's final season as … Continue reading Feast Your Eyes on the New Doctor Who Trailer!

Doctor Who Finale Recap

It seems like just yesterday we were first introduced to Capaldi's Doctor and his attack eyebrows, but just like that, season 8 is over. If you haven't checked out my post about Part I of the season finale, be sure to do that. Also, for those not caught up on Doctor Who: spoiler alert.  We ended … Continue reading Doctor Who Finale Recap

Doctor Who Recap: Dark Water

This week marked part one of the series eight finale of Doctor Who, and this was an intense, jam-packed episode. There is a TON to unpack, and even more questions, so let's talk about some of the big moments of the episode. Of course, if you're not caught up with Doctor Who, this is your official … Continue reading Doctor Who Recap: Dark Water