First Poster and Trailer for Victor Frankenstein

I'm always dubious when Hollywood takes a classic work of literature and turns it into a movie. They don't often get it right, and they often straight-up ruin it. No story has suffered more from Hollywood's mistreatment than Mary Shelley's classic horror story, Frankenstein. Sometimes, Frankenstein adaptations are good, but when they're bad. Oh, they're … Continue reading First Poster and Trailer for Victor Frankenstein

JK Rowling Posted a Short Story About Harry Potter on Pottermore and the Fandom Exploded

It's been rough for the Harry Potter fandom since Deathy Hallows Part II came out. With no new content, we became a bit angry... The silence from the wonderful world of Hogwarts was too much. Unsure of how to fill that Harry Potter-shaped void in our lives, we did what we could to make due, creating new content in whatever way we could. Still it was obvious that the silence was driving us mad...