Free Comic Book Day 2015 Roundup

Free Comic Book Day 2015 has come and gone, guys. Unlike last year where my¬†procrastination and indecision to take part in FCBD caused me to miss out on most of the fun, I got to experience FCBD this year in all its awesome, free comic book-ish glory. Though there are tons of great comic book … Continue reading Free Comic Book Day 2015 Roundup

Women in Geek: Tiffany Wangerin

I've not been shy around here about my desire to cosplay, and I've also not been shy about my complete inability to do so. So I am so incredibly excited to be able to bring an actual, real, amazing cosplayer here to the site for my Women in Geek series, since, apparently, obtaining a red … Continue reading Women in Geek: Tiffany Wangerin

Women in Geek: Vicky Connolly

¬†In today's Women in Geek interview, I'm talking with Vicky Connolly! Vicky works at Escape Velocity Comics, and she's actually one of the women on the Denver Comic Con panel that inspired this series. I've been interviewing women in a ton of different geeky lines of work, so if you've missed out on my interviews … Continue reading Women in Geek: Vicky Connolly

Women in Geek: Sarah Rodriguez

Back in June, I attended Denver Comic Con, and one of my favorite moments from the con was attending a Women in the Geek Industry panel. There were some truly awesome women at the panel, Bonnie Burton, Jen Timms, cosplayer Evil Mech Meru, and Vicky Connolly from Escape Velocity Comics. It was so amazing to … Continue reading Women in Geek: Sarah Rodriguez

Free Comic Book Day 2014

If you missed it, Saturday was Free Comic Book Day, a magical day where local comic book shops offer free comics. It's a great way to find your local comic book shop, get connected with other comic book lovers, and a lot of shops offer other cool attractions in addition to the free comic offerings. … Continue reading Free Comic Book Day 2014