Advice You Don’t Hear When You Start a Blog–But You Should

I, like many of us, started blogging in the magical world of Livejournal and Xanga, offering up to the mystical world of the internet my adolescent musings and pubescent tales of love and embarrassment (often the latter). I have always loved writing, and even though the idea of putting my own words out there for … Continue reading Advice You Don’t Hear When You Start a Blog–But You Should

#BloggerConfessions: A Nerdy Girlie Linkup

My buddy Megan Gotch aka The Nerdy Girlie (you might remember her from our Women in Geek series) from the awesome Google+ group, Female Geek Bloggers, is hosting a fantastic linkup where we bloggers share 5 confessions of being a blogger. You can see Megan's confession post here. So, here are my five Blogger Confessions: 1. I hate, hate, … Continue reading #BloggerConfessions: A Nerdy Girlie Linkup

Women in Geek: Megan Gotch

  I'm a part of a great Google+ group called Female Geek Bloggers, and through that group I was able to meet the amazing Megan Gotch, aka The Nerdy Girlie. Megan's a great geek blogger, and her top-notch SDCC coverage can almost make it better for those who couldn't be there...almost.  Check out Megan's interview, and if … Continue reading Women in Geek: Megan Gotch