Women in Geek: Lindsay Cummings

Today is day 2 of my Women in Geek series, where I talk to different women in different lines of "geeky" work. If you missed the first interview with Sarah Rodriguez from Geek & Sundry and Nerdy but Flirty, click here to check it out! Today I'm interviewing Lindsay Cummings. Lindsay is an author, and she's … Continue reading Women in Geek: Lindsay Cummings

The Game of Thrones Surprise Party!

I have a friend who recently graduated from law school. After the ceremony, my crafty friend Lindsay informed us that she wanted to throw our newly-graduated lawyer buddy a Game of Thrones-themed surprise party, which happened this last weekend. If you follow me on Twitter (@Kendall_Ashley), you heard me talk about it a LOT this weekend. Lindsay … Continue reading The Game of Thrones Surprise Party!