5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fandom Guilty Pleasures

I talk about fandom here. I'm a part of several fandoms myself, and there is nothing more fun than getting to spend tons of time in fandom-land. Some of my favorite aspects of fandom is wading into the "guilty pleasure" territory when it comes to celebrating my faves, and that's what this week's Fandom 5 is … Continue reading 5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Fandom Guilty Pleasures

It’s Totally a Real Job: Mari Ruiz, Founder of Sent From Mars

After taking a week break for Thanksgiving, I'm back with the next installment in the It's Totally a Real Job series. This week I'm talking with Mari Ruiz, who is the founder and brains behind the amazing and Geekie Award nominated fashion line, Sent From Mars. Not heard of Mari or Sent From Mars? Chances … Continue reading It’s Totally a Real Job: Mari Ruiz, Founder of Sent From Mars

It’s Totally a Real Job: Melificent, Blogger

I've gotten to meet some amazing women since I've started blogging, and one of the coolest women I've had the pleasure of interacting with is the lovely Meli from Melificent.com. Meli has managed to create a blog that celebrates her favorite forms of fandom and geekery, but she also brings her signature style in with … Continue reading It’s Totally a Real Job: Melificent, Blogger

Introducing “It’s Totally a Real Job”

When I was a kid, I had a dream of being an actor. When my obsession with the Mission Impossible franchise started, I was certain that I would be the first kid actor to be on the franchise...as the youngest villain the IMF had ever seen. It was going to be awesome. I was certain … Continue reading Introducing “It’s Totally a Real Job”

GeekGirlCon 2014 Wrap-Up: Part I

I've been so pumped for GeekGirlCon 2014 for months now, and I'm still in a bit of a haze now that it's behind me. If you haven't seen them yet, go here and here to see my pre-con posts. This was the first con I attended as "press", so this was kind of a giant learning experience, but ultimately … Continue reading GeekGirlCon 2014 Wrap-Up: Part I

Happy #GeeknessDay!!!

Sunday is Embrace Your Geekness Day, and to celebrate, the cloud-hosting, dedicated server-selling geniuses over at SingleHop have asked me and several other geek bloggers to talk about being a geek. I'll be honest. I have little to no idea about anything related to cloud hosting or dedicated servers, but these folks are great about giving you the information and help you need to get your own magical cloud stuff. The cloud is a mystery to us all, so it's good that there are those who understand its enigmatic ways. Anyway, if you want to follow what other people are saying about Embrace Your Geekness Day, you can head over to the SingleHop blog to read other posts by other geeks and follow the hashtag #GeeknessDay.