Distracted Blogger 2016 Summer Reading

Even though, where I live, we had snow like literally two weeks ago, I'm officially calling it summer... ...or spring, at least. I just want it to be a season where I'm not always freezing. ANYWAY since it's getting warmer, it's time to start planning out my summer reading! Here's what I've got on the docket: … Continue reading Distracted Blogger 2016 Summer Reading

Kendall’s #GeekySummerReads: Robopocalypse

Over the course of the summer months, I’ll be going through a reading list that I've created for myself. The books I've chosen have some sort of a supernatural, sci-fi, general geeky feel to them. You can check out the list here. Follow the hashtag #GeekySummerReads to hear me talk about the book I’m reading, and … Continue reading Kendall’s #GeekySummerReads: Robopocalypse

Kendall’s Geeky Summer Reading List!

Winter is finally beginning to leave us, which with the warmer weather means that most of my favorite shows are beginning to enter into that awful season: the summer hiatus. Though a nice Netflix binge is a relaxing way to pass a crazy-hot summer day, you can only marathon so many shows until you start … Continue reading Kendall’s Geeky Summer Reading List!