Everyday Cosplay: Captain Phasma

I am already OBSESSED with Gwendoline Christie's Captain Phasma. Gwendoline is an all-around lovely human, as I learned this year at Denver Comic Con, so it's no surprise that I'm obsessed with her character from The Force Awakens. Just look at her: While I know absolutely zero about Phasma, I think she's going to prove … Continue reading Everyday Cosplay: Captain Phasma

First Teaser Trailer for Mockingjay Part II

Get excited, nerds! Here's our first look at The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II! This looks AMAZING, and right now I'm still riding so high on the excitement of a new Hunger Games movie that I'm not even thinking about the heart-crushing stuff that will be in the final film (like those freaking silver parachutes...). … Continue reading First Teaser Trailer for Mockingjay Part II

Denver Comic Con 2015 Roundup

And just like that, another Denver Comic Con is in the books. This year's con was completely amazing, but man, I am zonked. Exhausted or not, I had the BEST time. Last year's con was marvelous, but I feel like they only stepped their game up this year. certainly crowded, but this year it felt especially packed. It was … Continue reading Denver Comic Con 2015 Roundup