5 Fandom Friday: My Top 5 OTPs

I'm not a big shipper myself. Sure, I have fictional couples I like, but I'm not like the¬†shippers I tend to see¬†on the interwebz who are pining for non-canonical romances that will likely never be. I tend to be more of the variety of shipper that says, "If the show tells me to like them … Continue reading 5 Fandom Friday: My Top 5 OTPs

Fandom 5: My Top 5 OTPs

Oh, the OTP. Look anywhere on the internet, and you can find TONS of arguments about which two characters are meant to be together, which characters should NEVER get together, and which characters are together now, but it probably won't last. Nothing can get more heated than an internet debate over the romance between two … Continue reading Fandom 5: My Top 5 OTPs