Your Newest Podcast Addiction: Lore

I love podcasts, but you wouldn't know it from looking at the stuff I'm subscribed to. Currently, I've got exactly three podcast subscriptions: Welcome to Nightvale (obvs), The Truth and Iliza, and Lore. Why is my subscription list so short? Because I'm super picky about what I listen to. I really get annoyed when I … Continue reading Your Newest Podcast Addiction: Lore

Women in Geek: Marissa Reynolds

 In my latest Women in Geek interview, I'm going to be talking to Marissa Reynolds from Hogwart's Radio, MuggleNet's Entertainment Harry Potter Podcast. I've had the privilege of working with Marissa through the transcription team at Hogwart's Radio, and I'm thrilled to have her here on the blog! If you haven't seen my first three … Continue reading Women in Geek: Marissa Reynolds

Women in Geek: Christina Janke

It's my third post in the Women in Geek series. If you've missed my first two posts with Sarah Rodriguez and Lindsay Cummings, go here to check out their Women in Geek posts! Today I'm talking with the amazing Christina Janke; you might know her from places like Agents of Geek and Intro to Geek.What do … Continue reading Women in Geek: Christina Janke

Why You Need to be Listening to Welcome to Nightvale

Hey, guys! I'm writing over at Outright Geekery again today, and I'm talking about Welcome to Nightvale. I hope you'll join me over there! If you’re like me, you heard about Welcome to Night Vale long before you actually listened to the podcast. I would see posts all over Tumblr that related to Night Vale, but I had … Continue reading Why You Need to be Listening to Welcome to Nightvale