Everyday Cosplay: Ashildr/Me

I was so excited about Maisie Williams' role on Doctor Who as Ashildr (who prefers to go by "Me" later in her life). Her story was fascinating, heartbreaking, and the end of it had me hoping that she'd get her own spin-off (no spoilers here). While that isn't likely to happen, I still LOVE her..though … Continue reading Everyday Cosplay: Ashildr/Me

Denver Comic Con: Everyday Cosplay Outfit Lineup

Denver Comic Con is only days away, so it's time for me to officially land on the outfits I'll be wearing at the con. I've already let you all in on one of the outfits, ¬†Everyday Walter White/Heisenberg: While I will probably be making a few changes to the original outfit I laid out in … Continue reading Denver Comic Con: Everyday Cosplay Outfit Lineup

Everyday Cosplay: Star-Lord

This week's everyday cosplay inspiration? You may have heard of him. He goes by.. Really, though, I've been wanting to do a Star-Lord inspired outfit for a while now. Guardians of the Galaxy was one of my favorite Marvel flicks in some time, and I'm a bit obsessed with Peter Quill/Star-Lord. He's hilarious, and I … Continue reading Everyday Cosplay: Star-Lord

Everyday Cosplay: Black Canary

I have been wanting to bring a bit more fandom into my everyday life. I've started doing this by adding fandom-inspired nails to my life, but I thought I'd also start trying my hand at everyday cosplay. I work in an office, and while it's pretty casual, it's still my job, so I've gotta keep … Continue reading Everyday Cosplay: Black Canary