Everyday Cosplay: Fourth Doctor

I'll be honest here. I have never watched Classic Who. I know, I know, it's a travesty, but I just haven't. It isn't for lack of interest, either, which almost makes it worse. Jumping into Classic Who is a big endeavor, and I want to be able to put in the time to properly binge. … Continue reading Everyday Cosplay: Fourth Doctor

The Rise of the Tragic Christmas Special

Haven't watched "The Husbands of River Song" just yet? Then be warned... I have mixed feelings about the Doctor Who Christmas specials. Like I've said in the past, the episodes are often hit-or-miss for me. Usually they don't have a regular companion, and the stories don't play much into the larger storymline of that particular … Continue reading The Rise of the Tragic Christmas Special

Everyday Cosplay: Missy

I really enjoyed Missy last season on Doctor Who, and I cannot WAIT to see what adventures she'll lead us into during Season 9. Without getting spoilery on her true identity (especially since season 8 JUST hit Netflix), I'll just say that her character reveal was a ton of fun for me, and I've LOVED … Continue reading Everyday Cosplay: Missy

5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Aliens from Doctor Who

This week's Fandom 5 post is about our favorite aliens in general. I'll be honest, I found that topic HUGE and a tad bit overwhelming, so I decided to narrow it down slightly. Instead of my favorite aliens out of the whole of time and space, this week I'm going to talk about my five … Continue reading 5 Fandom Friday: Favorite Aliens from Doctor Who

Cinema Blend Post: Clara’s Fate on Doctor Who Is Unclear

Hey, guys! I'm at Cinema Blend talking about Clara's future on Doctor Who. After the series 8 finale (check my recap of Dark Water and A Death in Heaven) and several announcements in the press, it seemed like her days on the TARDIS might be numbered. However, after the release of the Christmas special sneak … Continue reading Cinema Blend Post: Clara’s Fate on Doctor Who Is Unclear

Doctor Who Finale Recap

It seems like just yesterday we were first introduced to Capaldi's Doctor and his attack eyebrows, but just like that, season 8 is over. If you haven't checked out my post about Part I of the season finale, be sure to do that. Also, for those not caught up on Doctor Who:¬†spoiler alert.¬† We ended … Continue reading Doctor Who Finale Recap