Confession: I Can’t Stand Mobile Games

If you've been around this site for long--or follow me on Twitter--you know that I write for Geek & Sundry, which means I spend a lot of time talking about one of the staples of that site, gaming. I loooove gaming, both tabletop and video games, and I love writing about it, too. It's the best! So it's … Continue reading Confession: I Can’t Stand Mobile Games

Geeky Travel: You Stay Weird, Austin

When I started college, I kicked off my journey towards higher education at a university in the tiny town of Abilene, Texas. It's not the biggest town in the world, and is crammed full of college kids attending one of the three universities in the city, or military families living at Dyess Air Force Base. … Continue reading Geeky Travel: You Stay Weird, Austin

Survival Guide for the Walking Dead Hiatus

Season 5 of The Walking Dead is in the books, and we've all had a few weeks to catch up on the season finale, and fully accept the fact that we are officially in the middle of the show's summer hiatus. As y'all know, I recapped The Walking Dead at The Mary Sue this season. … Continue reading Survival Guide for the Walking Dead Hiatus

The Official Distracted Blogger Cure For Sick Days

You guys, I was so sick yesterday. I was fine all day Monday, enjoying my President's Day off, and suddenly... So I spent all day yesterday wrapped up in blankets, trying to feel better. I feel infinitely better today, but because of my ailment adventures yesterday, I decided to offer you the Official Distracted Blogger … Continue reading The Official Distracted Blogger Cure For Sick Days

Project-Nerd Post: Blocktor Who!

I have a really exciting announcement! I've just signed on to be a news writer for the amazing nerdy website, Project-Nerd, and I am so excited!Today, I'm over there talking about the announcement that came out yesterday from Microsoft, Mojang, and the BBC: Doctor Who skin packs are headed to Minecraft! I'm talking about it … Continue reading Project-Nerd Post: Blocktor Who!

New Destiny Trailer Released!

We're getting closer and closer to the release of Bungie's new game, Destiny, and they are trying to keep us all pumped by releasing a new trailer for the game. While the trailer looks amazing, I don't think Bungie needs to worry about keeping people pumped up for this game. Most of us--even people like … Continue reading New Destiny Trailer Released!

Norman Reedus Will Star In The New Silent Hill Game

Everybody can use a bit more Norman Reedus in their lives, right? Well, it looks like gamers can get a bit of Norman right on their consoles. The latest installment in the Silent Hill series, named Silent Hills, is the product of a partnership between Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima, starring Norman Reedus. No … Continue reading Norman Reedus Will Star In The New Silent Hill Game

Dying Light Trailer Released at Gamescom

Techland debuted a new trailer for their upcoming zombie game, Dying Light, at Gamescom, and I could not be more excited! I am absolutely obsessed with all things zombie-related, so this game is right up my alley. However, the gaming market is definitely not hurting for zombie games, with games like Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, … Continue reading Dying Light Trailer Released at Gamescom

Kendall’s #GeekySummerReads: Ready Player One

Over the course of the summer months, I’ll be going through a reading list that I’ve created for myself. The books I’ve chosen have some sort of a supernatural, sci-fi, general geeky feel to them. Follow the hashtag #GeekySummerReads to hear me talk about the book I’m reading, and join in on the conversation yourself. … Continue reading Kendall’s #GeekySummerReads: Ready Player One